House Hold Arts and Science blog was nominated by Vinny’s blog, Cook Up A Story at http://foodstoriesblog.com.

I would like to thank Cook Up a Story, a great site, by sharing a little information about this blog:

“Sharon Rudnitski is the name behind the book and the website titled Cook Up A Story. An early interest in kitchen pleasures inspired Sharon’s degree in food science. A Gold Harvest award capped her publishing career with Agriculture Canada, for a national science program she led for children. Now Sharon enjoys bringing her stories, recipes, and healthy-eating messages privately to kids in the community. Sharon lives with her husband in Ottawa, Canada, near her grandchildren, whose ticklish taste buds challenge her at every meal to come up with good food that’s fun to eat.

Vinny Grette, Sharon’s alter ego, hosts Cook Up A Story. He is the 12-year-old boy who lives inside all of us, regardless of the passing years. Join Vinny often, as he discovers a world of good eating, with endless curiosity and enthusiasm. Let’s get cooking!”



I was asked to share one thing about myself.  I have two great kids that learned to cook early in life, and I now enjoy eating what they cook for me!

I have nominated 5 other blogs for the award:

1. http://mylunchanddinner.wordpress.com/  – Food and Restaurant Critique

2. http://trialsinfood.wordpress.com/  – Food, family, work, life, and everything in between

3. http://cookingintuitive.com/ – Cooking Wholesome Foods Intuitively

4. http://bakerontherise.wordpress.com/ – Baker on the Rise ~ one sweet recipe at a time

5. http://domesticdivamd.com/ – Diva and MD