Thank youfor the The Liebster Blog Award!

Liebster means ‘beloved’ in German!  Bless you!  Shalom! 

Share 7 random things about yourself.

  1. I believe in Peace, Love, Family, and Community!  I believe in being a good steward of what you have been given in life including: the Earth, (plants and animals) people you have been given the honor of taking care of, (family, friends, and community) and being responsible for your own actions.
  2.  I have been married to the same man for 26 years, and I have 2 amazing sons…Proud Mom!    
  3. I volunteer to improve the lives of others, because it enriches my life greatly!  I have worked to foster animals in my own home, I volunteer at my local animal shelter, and I have been an animal advocate for many years.  I volunteer working with under privileged kids, and I believe that all children deserve to be safe, well-feed, and well-educated!  I crochet blankets for nursing homes, and I have great respect for my elders, those who kept me safe, fed me, and educated me. Thank you!   
  4. I support and have great respect for others in my community who work selflessly to improve the world. That includes Bloggers…I find that many Bloggers have similar drives to educate, and selflessly invest large amounts of their time to help others.  Thank you! (I’m sure that they don’t hear these words enough!)
  5. I am a homebody and proud of it!
  6. I have traveled the world and love to try new foods.
  7. I think my followers are great!  I am always so impressed with what they are doing and love to showcase their efforts.

Nominate 5 or so blogs that have under 200 followers. I am not totally sure about the number of followers, but these blogs are worth a look-see! It means your blog reaches out and touches the heart and souls of others. Keep up the good work!

1. http://inasmallkitchen.wordpress.com – Cooking in a fast-paced world

2. http://whenharrymetcelery.wordpress.com – Amateur food writer

3. http://russianmomcooks.com –Russian/American stay-at-home mom

4. http://daphneshadows.wordpress.com  – Aspiring author

5. frugalfeeding.wordpress.com – Good food on a relatively small budget.