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“Behold the work of the old…Let your heritage not be lost,

but bequeath it as a memory, treasure, and blessing.

Gather the lost and the hidden and preserve it for the children.”

Scrap Throw

This throw is great for using up all of your leftover yarn.  It is everyone’s favorite blanket at my house.  It gives the impression of being old and warm, which immediately translates into comfort.

Start with a chain stitch. Chain as long as you want the throw to be in size. I normally use around 110 t0 120 chain stitches for a throw. Then use a Double Stitch for the entire throw. Keep going until you are happy with the length.

The interesting part is changing your colors. I switch out my colors without any rhyme or reason.  This give the throw its look of chaos and unpredictability. I remember some of my great-grandmother’s quilts having a very similar look with lots of color, and they were always my favorite pieces.  If your yarn weight is too light, try adding two types of yarn together to give it more weight. This really is a fun way to create a true piece of art.

When I finished this piece, I went back and tied pieces of yarn all of the throw to give it that worn look, and I did not tuck in the ties when I changed colors. It adds an extra dimension of old to the piece. However, that would be a personal preference.

I have also made a Scrap Scarf that uses the same idea, but smaller in size. I’m sure this idea could be adapted to many other projects.

The important thing to remember is to have fun with it and make it your own!